Lisa Diffey - Owner Infinity Pilates

Lisa has been involved in the fitness and bodywork industry since 1997. She is a Master Teacher Trainer and holds an Advanced Rehabilitation Training Certificate through 
Pilates Sports Center. She is also a certified Body Code Trainer,  RKC Kettlebell Instructor, 
PMA Certified Instructor,  Burn at the Barre Instructor, Core Fitness Roller Instructor and a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Thai Massage Therapy.

Lisa has a passion for working with her clients, helping them achieve a greater understanding of functional movement utilizing her varied background to address their needs. She is dedicated to continuing higher education and professional development at every given opportunity.

Lisa has owned and operated Infinity Pilates in Palm Desert, California since 2004.   

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"I have used Pilates for years as fitness enhancement, but came to it again after being diagnosed with serious back injuries. I had the good fortune of connecting with Lisa Diffey and together we healed my back. Lisa's private lessons are highly skilled and equally as compassionate. With her help I am now stronger and in better shape than ever before. Pilates is an intelligent exercise that can produce profound results."
                                                   - Maryanne Garvin - Silverton Movement Center


Richard Schlein

Richard is a certified Franklin Method instructor. He was a gymnast for seven years and a professional ballet dancer for nine. Formerly a principal dancer with the Cleveland Ballet, he is a Level 2 certified instructor in the Franklin Method through the Franklin Institute in Switzerland and a certified pilates instructor through the Physical Mind Institute in New York. He has also been certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Personal Trainer and as an athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His Franklin Method seminars have been approved by both the American Council on Exercise and the California Board of Registered Nursing for continuing education credits (CECs).

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Ronnie Minkoff

In 2001, Ronnie had a Pilates epiphany.  Already active, she heard about Pilates and decided to give it a try.  People who knew her thought she was losing weight, but she was actually gaining length as a benefit of her Pilates practice. 

After a year of practice, she went to the doctor where her height gain was confirmed.  There were many other noticeable benefits, but that was the defining moment when Ronnie saw a future for herself in  Pilates.  She knew she could help others improve upon their own fitness and body alignment through the practice and study of Pilates.  

As a fitness trainer, Ronnie believes Pilates to be the foundation for all forms of movement and has undergone extensive training and accreditation in order to provide the highest, and most informed level of Pilates training available.

PSC – Master Teacher Trainer Program 
Certified in BodyCode® System on the Pegasus 
Alan Herdman – two week intensive training in London 
Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program 
Physical Mind Training 
IDEA member 
Certified CPR/First Aid 
B.A. in Business, Mills College 

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Elisabeth Cenicola

Elisabeth has been an active member of the Health and Fitness industry for over 20 years as a personal trainer. She began studying Pilates in 2002 and became certified through the Pilates Sports Center in 2004. Being an avid runner, Pilates has helped her to increase her running stamina and running performance. 
She enjoys helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and is dedicated to her work and is recognized by PMA. 
She is also a certified Bodycode instructor and CPR certified.

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Amy McCarley

Amy has been participating in various forms of exercise and fitness: from Pilates, Body Code System, and dance, to Olympic Weightlifting and athletic training the majority of her adult life. In 2006 she took her passion to a new level and became certified through Pilates Sports Center and became part of the team at Infinity Pilates.  Since that time she has diversified her training to include instruction in Olympic Weightlifting and Athletic Training. 

In 2010 Amy joined forces with Steve Hargett and Dynamic Athletix where they combined their fitness expertise to create programs that focus on:

-Injury prevention 
-Specific training programs for clients  
-Customized training programs for athletes. 

Amy also became a certified Burn at the Barre instructor in 2011 and is currently teaching at Infinity Pilates as well as Dynamic Athletix which now occupies the space directly next door to Infinity Pilates.

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Laura Tate

Laura Tate is a certified Pilates instructor with Pilates Sports Center and ISSA certified personal trainer. She has advanced training in post rehabilitation as well as pre- and post-natal fitness. Laura began her career in Pilates in 2007 after several years in the fitness industry as both a personal trainer and fitness director.

Laura has found Pilates to be both restorative and challenging for the body which in turn translate into improved body awareness, connectivity, and vivacity. Laura has an innate ability to quickly and accurately assess the individual needs that each client presents, incorporating her in depth knowledge of exercise and the human body while applying it to each individual session. By teaching proper movement and total body awareness, Laura guides her clients towards optimum health and assists them in reaching their fitness goals.

Following a session with Laura you will realize that she truly believes in the benefits of Pilates. Her passion for teaching Pilates radiates from her where she is home in a profession that feels more like play than work. Schedule a session today to begin your path towards a healthier and stronger you. 

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Lisa Finlaysan

Lisa’s love and dedication to movement has inspired her to stay in the fitness industry for over twenty years. She began her journey as an aerobics instructor with Gold’s Gym and over the years has taught many types of classes. When a foot injury prevented her from teaching classes that were too weight bearing she became interested in Pilates and become certified in 1999. 
Lisa is dedicated to her education and has attended many workshops with various Master Teachers. In 2004 she received an Advanced Rehabitation Training Certificate through the Pilates Sports Center.
Lisa believes the precise movements of the Pilates Method create overall well being of the body and the mind. She is dedicated to the work and caters to a variety of ages and abilities.
Lisa plans to pursue a higher understanding of the work for the rest of her life. Lisa is also a certified Yoga and Body Code Instructor.

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Susie Gorman Green

Susie G received her Master’s of Science in Human Performance and Sport Studies from the University of Tennessee in 1991.  While serving on staff full-time for the Tennessee Men’s Athletics Department from 1988 to 2000 as the Spirit Coordinator for the nationally ranked Volunteer Cheer and Dance teams, she also instructed Kinesiology classes for the Exercise Science Department adjunct.  
Since 1992, Susie has been a Master Teacher Trainer and Continuing Education Specialist instructing and certifying personal trainers and group exercise instructors internationally for AAAI/ISMA and ACE.  She has been a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Teacher from Knoxville, TN, to Manhattan Beach, CA and in the Coachella Valley since 2007.  
Susie studied and completed the Pilates Sports Center Pilates certification under Lisa Diffey at Infinity Pilates.  Her most recent addition is the HKC - Hard Style Kettlebell Certification.   She is passionate in helping people achieve a total balanced training program.  Susie is married to Curtis Green and her personal interests are in running and cycling.

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Deanna Lund

     Deanna received her certification in San Diego at Kore Pilates and Wellness center. She pursued and studied dance where she performed and choreographed many pieces in college as well as in the communities of San Diego and Orange County.  She has been blessed to have attended workshops and work with professional companies including Jean Isaacs, Pilobolus and Gus Girodano to name a few. 

     As a former dancer, she has a great understanding of body movement and teaching Pilates was just a natural progression. Her passion for teaching comes not only from her love of movement but also from the fact that through Pilates she was able to rehabilitate her body after sustaining injuries in a car accident in 2007. 

     She enjoys working with all types of clients, from those who are athletic and want to use Pilates as a form of crosstraining to clients who have special needs because of injuries. Her greatest joy in teaching is to see her clients grow stronger and more confident in body, mind and spirit.

In 2011 Deanna became a certified Instructor for Burn at the Barre and is currently teaching classes at the studio.

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"I have been doing Pilates for over 10 years and have been lucky to have had great instruction, especially here in the desert during the winter seasons with Deanna.  For the past three years, she has developed a program for me that helped me get through pre-surgical hip strengthening and then following surgery, rehabilitation work. I truly believe that she helped me put off surgery for a couple of years and her thoughtful and competent work with me got me back faster than I ever would have imagined possible.  I feel stronger than I have in years.  In addition to being enormously talented, she is a delight to be around."
Nechie Hall


Leanne Post

     Fitness has been part of Leanne's lifestyle since 1997.  Working out was a great way to reduce the daily pressures of work, home and life. Leanne's main activites were tennis and weight training. As time went on she became tired of the same style of training and in 2007 took her first Pilates class.  She loved it!
      Pilates opened up a new world.  She discovered imbalances in her body alignment, general muscle tightness and a mind body connection that she never had when in the gym.  She continued to take classes and found Pilates gave her a strong, flexible, pain-free body and a clearer, more calm mind. The incredible difference she felt in her body and mind inspired her to become certified.  
     Leanne's goal is to help people achieve their fitness goals and educate them on how they can lead a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Leanne studied and completed the Pilates Sports Center certification in December of 2010. 

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Jessica Lenarth

As an athlete, fitness has always been a priority in Jessica's life. Swimming, cyclying and running have been a passion of hers, as well as her focus on her families nutrition and wellness.

Her love for athletics and her desire to share the importance of being physically fit, has given way to an opportunity to teach PE, while pursuing a career as a pilates instructor.

Jessica is dedicated to sharing the benefits of pilates to people of all ages and abilities, and loves the idea of educating others about how their bodies were created to work. 

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