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Develped by Eric Franklin, the Franklin Method teaches you the know-how to make the most out of the body-mind continuum in a practical and hands on manner. We address the mind through the use of imagery in all its applications and we address the body by teaching you how it is designed to function.

Understanding your body's natural design is the quickest way to dramatically improve your movement skills and imagery is the most fun and powerful tool for doing that. By harnessing the power of your imagination you can be on your way to creating more power, stability, flexibility and coordination. Your brain is wired for imagery and learning to utilize this natural ability produces the most incredible results in improved performance in a minimal amount of time. The Franklin Method is a breakthrough system for understanding and controlling your body as it moves. Whether it's as simple as walking or as complex as a golf swing, tennis swing or any other sport, you will notice an immediate improvement during your first lesson or seminar. Imagery, like any skill, can be improved with proper training and practice. Building on decades of research, the Franklin Method can help you turn your imagination into reality.

Infinity Pilates offers workshops and private sessions in Franklin Method.