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Co-Owner, Master Instructor

Lisa has been involved in the movement and bodywork industry since 1997. Her twin
passions of teaching and learning motivates everything she does professionally. She
has worked with some of the most innovative teachers in the industry.
She was a Master Teacher Trainer through Pilates Sports Center for 12 years and has
certified numerous Pilates instructors throughout the Coachella Valley. She also holds
an Advanced Rehabilitation Training Certificate through PSC. She is a certified Body
Code Trainer, MOTR Instructor, Core-Align Instructor, a Massage and Myofascia
Release Therapist and a Shambhava School of Yoga Level 1 meditation teacher. Her
personal familiarity with training systems such as yoga, Crossfit, kettle bells, the
Franklin Method, traditional weight training, full marathons, Muscle Activation Technique
and more informs her teaching choices. As an athlete and cancer survivor she has been
able to rehabilitate herself through the method she teaches and is dedicated to keeping
up to date on the latest pre and post rehab movement science available. She is able to
draw on her wide-ranging knowledge of the body in order to design individualized

programs tailored to her clients' daily needs.

Lisa is proud to have owned and operated Infinity Pilates in Palm Desert, California

since 2004



Co-Owner, Master Instructor

Laura Tate began her career in Pilates in 2007 after several years in the fitness industry as both a personal trainer and fitness director. Laura has found Pilates to be both restorative and challenging for the body which in turn translate into improved body awareness, connectivity, and vivacity. Laura has an innate ability to quickly and accurately assess the individual needs that each client presents, incorporating her in-depth knowledge of exercise and the human body while applying it to each session. By teaching proper movement and total body awareness, Laura guides her clients towards optimum health and assists them in reaching their fitness goals.
Laura is a certified Pilates instructor with Pilates Sports Center. She has advanced training in post rehabilitation as well as pre and post-natal fitness. Laura is a Core-Align certified instructor, Core Fitness Roller instructor and is trained in John Barnes Mayofascial therapy techniques and Muscle Activation Technique.

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