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Private sessions at our studio offer a specialized blend of Pilates and therapeutic movement tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer an in-depth assessment during your initial session. Our goal is to educate you on alignment, and full-body integrative movement. Whether you’re an athlete, recovering from an injury, or aiming to deepen your existing practice, these one-on-one sessions ensure you get the personalized attention essential for your unique goals. For bookings, availability, and more, please reach out to us by phone or email.


Single Session  $110

5 Sessions  $525

10 Sessions  $1000


Would you like to share the experience of Pilates and movement with a friend, partner, or family member? Our semi-private sessions are for two clients with one instructor and incorporate a mix of equipment and props to ensure it's both engaging and educational, all while catering to each individual's specific needs. Emphasis is placed on alignment, strength-building, mobility, and breathing techniques. If a semi-private session appeals to you, please reach out to us to schedule. 

(Prices Per Person)

Single Session  $75

5 Sessions  $350

10 Sessions  $650

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Our virtual sessions offer the advantage of exercising from the comfort of your home or even on the go, ensuring your Pilates and movement routine remains uninterrupted. Just have a mat and a peaceful spot ready. If you own any props or equipment like a foam roller, balls, or a reformer, we can incorporate those too. We conduct our sessions via Zoom, each lasting 50 minutes and available for individual purchase. If you're interested in trying a virtual session, please contact us. 

Private  $100   

Semi-Private  $65 per person


The TPI Fitness Assessment includes a full fitness screen that identifies a golfer's physical strengths and limitations. The assessment includes 16 movements that test rotation, mobility, stability, and balance. Based on the results of a the assessment, a personalized program will be created that includes video and detailed notes to target the areas that have been identified for improvement. The exercises can be integrated into an at-home routine or compliment in-studio movement sessions work to address those key improvement areas.

TPI Initial Screening Session 

50 min.  $150

Includes Assessment and Personalized Movement Program

Follow-up Screening Session

Includes Assessment and Updated Movement Program

(time determined by number of areas to rescreen)

30 minutes $95

50 minutes $125

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