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Inventor Daniel Vladeta, D.O., designed the Oov to align with the spine's natural curvature while enabling 3-dimensional movement. While activating core stability muscles and gently extending the spine, the Oov lays the foundation for effective functional movement. 
We often hear the terms “functional training” or “functional movement” but not everyone grasps their meaning. Essentially, functional movements mirror real-world scenarios, occurring across various planes and involving multiple joints, for improved efficiency. When movements are inefficient, it can lead to improper patterns, potentially causing chronic pain or overuse injuries. The genius behind the Oov is its capacity to heighten our internal awareness of our body and to provide feedback that creates spontaneous and immediate physical adjustments.
At Infinity Pilates, we incorporate the Oov on its own or in tandem with Pilates equipment to create functional movement and intensify and enrich your movement journey.

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